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Plovdiv is famous not only as Capital of Culture, under the hills you will find excellent food, varied menu and kulnarni masterpieces. Of course, it should first be noted distinctive Bulgarian cuisine to be tried. For lovers of exotic restaurants are offering culinary delights from all corners of the world. Let me mention a few places that will do well not to miss:

Restaurant Mirena

One of the best restaurants in Plovdiv, elegant atmosphere, impeccable service and an extensive menu, gastronomic delights in the European style. There is a lunch menu.


Restaurant with own appearance, grill and oven dishes not to be missed.
Smirnenski Street Yasna Polyana 10


Greek Bouzoucki restaurant or in Plovdiv. Be sure to ask for fish dishes.
Center, Maria Luisa 43a

Night Club Versailles

For lovers of nightlife and partying to recommend plowed folk club Versailles. You will not be disappointed party has until dawn.
Center Street Maritsa 122

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plovdiv hotelWelcome to one of the oldest European cities - Plovdiv! It is the second largest city in Bulgaria (380 000), often called "cultural capital" of the country because of  its 200 cultural monuments. Here you can see: Ancient theater in the middle of II century on three hills, the Roman stadium and forum in the city, preserved mosaics of public buildings in the south of the subway tunnel, many walls in the old town and more and more ...

plovdiv main street



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